How did that three-point line get there? 

Many younger people don’t know that basketball was once played without it!  Many in the game suggested and even experimented with it, but the NBA, NCAA, and High Schools were too stodgy to dare try it.  Then came a brave new start-up called the ABA with the red white and blue ball and Dr. J.  They knew the game needed change so they tried it, now everyone and their sister wants to shoot the three.  Winter League’s story will be similar.

What is the biggest elephant in the room in sports?  There are three reasons we are changing the rules:

1. Money – the WNAA (formerly WNBA) has never turned a profit.  Winter League will change this and be the first women’s league to do so.

2. To allow women to showcase their skills.  Women can hit home runs, score aces, deliver knock out punches, etc., but they can’t finger roll and they can’t slam dunk.  Winter League is changing this.

3. Because the WNAA is not listening – even when top people in the sport are suggesting these changes to make their league better.  Winter League is not only listening, we are taking action and plan to compete against the

Why not just keep the peach basket?

Rule changes are a regular part of sports.  Our rule changes are not
gimmicky as many people guess; some are old FIBA rules, others are
commonly known and/or talked about in the basketball community. Although two of our changes will upset many people, none will be too
surprising to those that know the game.